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Monday, 26 August 2013

CGP Episode 8: Shortest episode ever

On this episode we talk about the launch games for both the next gen consoles, we talk about the multiple beta's that's happening including DC's infinite crisis which spud has been playing, we talk about elder scrolls online will be sub based and we talk about Tekken and the fact that the podcast may coming to and end.

Extra info

We talk about how at gamescom both microsoft and  playstation have revealed what you'll be able to buy with your console on launch day including what's exclusive to which consoles. Even tho paystation's indies were not among this list which dissapointed us.

With beta's in blizzards newest game, a computer version of the card game known as hearthstone, the future beta of fable legends and we talk about DC's moba game infinite crises with spud as he's been playing it.

Elder scrolls online the MMO will be subscription based and we all agree thats a bad idea, finnally we talk about some of our favorite tekken characters, and briefly say that due to eric moving the podcast may come to a close. but until that happens we will see you next time.

Monday, 19 August 2013

CGP Episode 7: Even technology can be racist

In this episode we talk about the very first person to receive a visa for sports, the latest injustice gods among us DLC, the cost of disney's infinite game and the stat's for the most played characters in fighting games.

Extra info

The First esport visa was recieved by Danny "Shiphtur" Le, of Edmonton, he's using the visa to go to southern California to train for October's world championships, to be held in Los Angeles. The visa he holds is a P-1A, the one set aside for "internationally recognized athletes," according to a spokesman for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
The newest DLC to come to injustice gods among us, the new character is the magician/sorceress Zatanna sporting full magicians attire, along with Zatanna came another skin in the form of cyborg superman which looks very cool.

The creation of the Disney Infinity game and its action figure accessories has cost Disney Interactive "well over $100 million", according to a Wall Street Journal report. disney have said this is a big gamble for them but we feel its success is assured with the kind of properties that they have access to.

Finally we talk at length about various top played fighting games and find out just who the people like to play the most with some very obvious choices in the mix. If you want to see more on the statistics then you can head over here: http://www.eventhubs.com/stats/

As usual feel free to tell what you thought of the episode and any of the news we spoke about and we will include it in the next podcast.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

PSN Summer sale update

The previous deals available are now gone but in it's stead comes lots of new crazy deals . We really need some money for all these games. curse you playstation, curse you.

Dead or Alive 5 - €19.99/£15.99/AU$24.95
Way Of The Samurai 4 - €19.99/£15.99/AU$24.95
Ratchet & Clank 2 - €9.99/£7.99/AU$14.45
When Vikings Attack Special Edition -€6.49/£5.19/AU$9.55
Dead Island Riptide - €24.99/£19.99/AU$36.95
Joe Danger 2 -€4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35
Demolition Inc. - €3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - €44.99/£36.99/AU$66.95
All Zombies Must Die! - €4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35
Burn Zombie Burn! - €1.49/£1.19/AU$2.15
Deus Ex - €9.99/£7.99
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit - €5.99/£4.79/AU$8.85
Warhammer 40000: Kill Team - €3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85
Anomaly Warzone Earth - €4.49/£3.69/AU$6.65
PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap - €4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35

Just Cause - €4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35
Just Cause 2 - €9.99/£7.99/AU$12.95
Doom Classic Complete - €7.99/£6.49/AU$11.75
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - €9.99/£7.99
Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2 - €2.49/£1.99/AU$3.65
Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Mountain Crime: Requital - €7.49/£5.99
Dogfight 1942 Bundle - €4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35
Novastrike - €3.99/£3.19
Premier Manager - €3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85
Auditorium HD - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Baseball Stars 2 - €4.49/£3.69/AU$6.65
World Heroes - €4.49/£3.69/AU$6.65
Disney Pixar Brave - €9.99/£7.99/AU$12.95

Disney Pixar Cars 2: The Video Game - €9.99/£7.99/AU$12.95
The Simpsons Arcade Game - €4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35
Puzzle Chronicles - €3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85
4 Elements HD -€3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85
Hoard - €4.99/£3.99/AU$7.35
Brain Challenge -€2.49/£1.99/AU$3.65
Blue Toad Murder Files: Ep 1-6 - €6.99/£5.49/AU$10.35
Thexder Neo - €3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85
Men In Black:Alien Crisis - €29.99/£19.99/AU$39.95
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: Arctic Games - €29.99/£23.99
Tori Emaki - €1.49/£1.19/AU$2.15
Super Rub'a'Dub - €2.49/£1.99/AU$3.65
Nucleus - €3.99/£3.19/AU$5.85

Worms - €3.59/£2.99/AU$5.25
Worms 2: Armageddon - €5.49/£4.49/AU$8.05
Worms 2: Armageddon Battle Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Worms 2: Armageddon Forts Pack - €1.75/£1.49/AU$2.55
Worms 2: Armageddon Puzzle Pack - €1.75/£1.49/AU$2.55
Worms 2: Armageddon Retro Pack - €1.75/£1.49/AU$2.55
Worms 2: Armageddon Time Attack Pack - €1.75/£1.49/AU$2.55
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - €4.49/£3.69/AU$6.65
Worms Ultimate Mayhem: Multi-player Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Worms Ultimate Mayhem: Single-player Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Worms Ultimate Mayhem: Customisation Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Worms Revolution - €6.49/£5.19/AU$9.55
Worms Revolution Funfair Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Worms Revolution Mars Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95
Worms Revolution Medieval Tales Pack - €1.99/£1.59/AU$2.95

Monday, 12 August 2013

CGP Episode 6: Pokemon is like crack

On this weeks episode we talk about just how well Nintendo has done over the last 30 years, the fact we wont see street fighter 5 for a looong time, that people will spend stupidly if you let them and the unfortunate shut down of omgpop by Zynga.

Extra info

Since the release of the Famicom (Nintendo entertainment system NES to us Europeans) Nintendo has done extraordinarily well for itself considering for a long time gaming was a niche market. we talk about the kind of number it can boast about and just how many games there have been on all Nintendo consoles.

Yoshinori Ono has stated due to the time and resources needed to produce previous games, that we should expect the same to happen for the next street fighter, leading to the statement that we might not see the game for many years yet.

we talk about the snoop dog app where you can place stickers on photo's but you can purchase one particular sticker for an absurd price and finally one year after purchasing omgpop the creators of draw something zynga has had to close them down. this is just latest in a long line of bad news for the social game giant.

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions

Big pokemon news in there new games X and Y there will be a new type of evolution. well actually its more like a form change this is all thanks to some Scans from the latest issue of CoroCoro which reveal new Mega forms for some of the pokémon.
Courtesy of corocoro

Not only do these new forms have ridiculous hair/fur extensions, they have equally ridiculous names to match: MegaMewtwo, MegaLucario, MegaAbsol, MegaAmpharos, MegaMawile and MegaBlaziken.

Other tidbits from the magazine scans:
Meekuru – a Grass type and pre-evolution of Gogoat
Dedenne – a new Electric/Fairy type that looks kind of like a short chubby Raichu
Horubii – a Normal type rabbit pokémon
There is a new gym leader, Koruni. Apparently, she knows about Mega Evolutions.

Apparently Unlike regular evolutions, which cause Pokemon to change form after reaching certain requirements, Mega Evolutions let your monsters change form in battle by using a stone unique to certain Pokemon. Lucario, for example, can reach its Mega Evolution by using a Lucarionite. This applies to all the pokemon with the mega evolution ability except for blaziken, the Torchic, and the Mega Evolution stone it needed to become Mega Blaziken will be distributed over Wi-Fi distribution for a limited time when Pokemon X and Y launch Oct. 12.

Pokemon X and Y will also introduce two new methods of training. The first is called Super Training or ST for short, which involves you using touch screen to help your pokemon train up and boost their speed, HP, attack or other stats. The other method is called Core Training, where players equip their Pokemon with training bags earned in the other training mode, and their monsters will improve their stats on their own.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Amazon launches digital download service

Amazon has just launched a new digital download service, allowing us gamer's to instantly download the games they buy from the website.

This new service has its own section known as the Amazon Digital Games section its said to currently feature over 600 titles with more to be added regularly. The Downloads it seems come in different forms depending on the title - some are straight downloads whereas others are Steam product codes. all of which could lead to some cool saving for us.

Xbox 360 owners can now also buy Xbox Live Gold memberships and XBL Microsoft Points cards from Amazon and receive the redemption codes instantly, rather than waiting for cards to arrive in the post. from the articles we read there was no mention of the same ability for playstation plus and playstation wallet money so we are unsure as to whether its available or not

There is also A new free-to-play section to go with this digital service and has a number of free games to download, along with options to buy DLC for them. as well as having games available, Amazon now also has a digital software section, where PC software from the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, Serif and Rosetta Stone is available for purchase and download.

All purchases are stored in customers' digital library in their Amazon account, so they can re-download any games they've already purchased or recover product keys. which is always a good thing.

Monday, 5 August 2013

CGP Episode 5: We have a twitter?

On this episode we talk about the sudden and surprising cancellation of fez 2, we discuss just who has more friend Microsoft or Sony, we learn that 4000 people know how to start a war and we talk about what could potentially be the greatest DLC ever.

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Extra info on our news
 After long abuse on the internet and the final straw from a rant by the "annoyed gamer" Phil fish cancelled the sequel to the indie hit fez and has said that he is quitting the industry. we have more on it over here: http://corkgamingpodcast.blogspot.ie/2013/07/fez-2-is-cancelled-for-now.html

we talk about the constant competition between xbox and playstation as they announce how many friends you can add to each of their next gen consoles. Eve online is the home for more destruction as to companies went to war over a sector and finally we talk about Bioshock Infinite's new DLC and the potential DLC of the next super smash bros game with Reggie Fils Aime being petitioned to be in the game.

Friday, 2 August 2013

[Game Review] Alice: Madness Returns

Right, to start this off, hello. This is Eoin from the Podcast, the guy who yammers on about fighting games and attempts to make jokes. I'll be your resident reviewer for this game that went on sale on PSN very recently. So, let's get things started and delve into another's psyche, while at the same time looking into the good and bad of the game known as American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns. 

So we start off the game with a very stylized introductory cinematic done in a very hand-drawn sort of feel, where Alice is floating on a river having tea with the White Rabbit. He dies from internal hemorrhaging and loss of eyeball, and Alice is dragged into a sea of black tar with hands clawing her face off. All while she and a Dr. Angus Bumby speak over everything that's happening. It's revealed that Alice has been staying at an orphanage with Dr. Bumby as her therapist after she was discharged into his care from Rutledge Asylum in the previous Alice game. She's not very well liked by the other children, who regard her as Bumby's 'pet' for how often she has her meetings with him. 

While out in the streets intending to go to a chemists for medicine, she comes across a white cat and chases it, and hallucinations attack her in a back alley where she is found by an old woman named Pris Witless, who had also worked at Rutledge. Atop the roof of Witless's home with her pigeon coops, Witless transforms into a (more) hideous creature as part of another hallucination, and Alice's madness grips her tight and pulls her into Wonderland. There she is reunited with the Cheshire Cat and her trusted weapon, the Vorpal Blade. During the journey through the forests, she discovers that much of Wonderland is being warped and corrupted, and worst of all destroyed by the Infernal Train that follows Alice wherever she goes. I won't go too much into the story, I'll leave that to be discovered by folks interested enough to play the game and trust me, the story is great. 

From the get go the story is very well stylized, and every major character has a very distinct look to them. Interestingly, Alice is the only character that can really be considered attractive as many other characters have very particular points to make them ugly or disgusting in some way, even if they are or aren't rotten to the core with their personality or motives. 

The game is set in a Victorian-era England and the game does get that feeling across both in the outfits of the characters in the real world as well as their mannerisms and their speech. Wonderland however has less to do with Victorian-era, and is just as crazy to see as you would expect. From the machine-filled madness of the Hatter's domain, to the dark and spooky depths of the ocean where the Walrus and the Carpenter reside, and even the mists of the Mysterious East, every piece of Wonderland is well structured and very well designed to stand out from one another. However, parts where the Infernal Train comes to town are where things get samey, but thankfully these parts are brief. The Cheshire Cat guides Alice throughout Wonderland and helps her in his usual cryptic way. 

Combat is handled in two ways; melee and range. With melee attacks Alice has access to the Vorpal Blade, a very quick and nimble dagger that quickly defeats enemies, and the Hobby Horse, a slow but powerful mace capable of breaking objects and defenses. For range, Alice has the Pepper Grinder, which is originally intended to pepper the pig noses that you find scattered throughout Wonderland, and the Teapot Cannon, which deals massive area damage and destroys objects as well. Alice also has the rabbit bomb that can be used to weigh down switches and distract enemies, as well as the Umbrella which can be used to reflect or negate ranged attacks from enemies. Battles happen very often, and the four main weapons can each be upgraded three times by using the teeth you find throughout Wonderland. 

In terms of time, the game took me about eight hours to complete, at the most maybe ten, but definitely at the least eight. Unfortunately, the game’s linearity works against it. The game is very linear with most of the side options to get extra teeth, memories, bottles or rose paint are never too far off the path. While the game took at least eight to complete, it felt twice that long due to repetitive and boring puzzles.

The Good:
--The story is excellent and excellently told, delving into Alice’s insanity as she struggles against the destruction of Wonderland and the memories of her family’s death that she believes was her fault. The ending is certainly quite... bittersweet, but it’s best you find out for yourselves how I mean.
--Many of the characters are very memorable or very well designed. Alice, Bumby, the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter to name a few. 
--The atmosphere. The game is intended to show the harshness of Alice’s insanity and the new Wonderland, and many of the levels really show that. The final level is certainly one of the creepiest things I’ve ever experienced in a game ever.

The Bad:
--Boring combat. Hack, slash, hack, slash, shoot, dodge, hack, slash, shoot, etc. Nothing really interesting about the combat at all.
--The game’s linearity and the length of the game. While eight hours is decent for any game in this generation, the game should feel eight hours and not twice that.

The Verdict:
In my personal opinion, the game is a very well made and well told game, with some of my own personal cripes about it that lessen the score. I would have given the game an 8, but due to the problems of the linearity I cannot give the game more than a 7 out of 10.

Welp, I hope you found this somewhat interesting as a review and I’ll likely get around to making more in future depending on what games I do end up playing in future, but they may take some time. In the meantime, enjoy the podcasts and I’ll see you folks next time.

Eoin “Spudd” O’ Mahony