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Friday, 29 November 2013

PS4 system update 1.51 now available in europe

The latest system update for the PS4, version 1.51, is now available to download now in Europe.

The update is a mandatory 300MB download which incorporates the version 1.50 update that was available at launch in North America.

Would-be PS4 owners can download the update from Sony's website now and save it to a USB stick,just in case there tis any netwrok issues launch day.

PS4's 1.51 update improves system software stability and makes small UI refinements, such as clearly indicating when a user downloads a game and a game patch at the same time.

Automatic downloads for system and game updates are also enabled by default when PS4 is in stand-by mode.

The update also incorporates system update 1.50, which adds numerous day one features not otherwise present on the console. The full list, from Sony, consists of:

Twitch remove PS4 playroom from stream lists

Streaming giant Twitch has removed streams of PS4 game The Playroom from its directory listings following an influx of non-gaming related broadcasts.

"We removed Playroom content from the directory because a majority of it was non-gaming related," the firm has told Polygon.

"We will look into adding it back as PS4 owners become more familiar with the games-only focus of Twitch content. In the meantime, you can view all of the amazing gameplay from PS4 broadcasters in this directory page on Twitch," it added.

This comes after Twitch this week issued a wave of bans on people who had posted objectionable and rule-breaking content with The Playroom.

On Saturday, a PS4 owner by the name of 'Darckobra12' used the system to display his partner naked on camera. The female appeared to be unconscious. Later in the weekend, the user was banned, reportedly along with several others.

There's no word on exactly when The Playroom will be returned to Twitch directories, or what Sony may do to curb off-topic broadcasts using the game.

World of Warcraft film Delayed

Warcraft, a film based on Blizzard's famous World of Warcraft MMO, has been delayed by three months.

Originally scheduled for a December 2015 release, the official Warcraft Twitter account has announced that it will now release in March 2016

The announcement comes only a month after Blizzard announced firm plans for the film's release at its annual Blizzcon event.

First announced in 2006, Warcraft was to originally be directed by Sam Raimi before Duncan Jones was confirmed as the director earlier this year. Its rumored Colin Farrel will play the lead role.

Jones revealed at Blizzcon that the adaptation will trace the origins of the human / orc conflict, and will star characters Lothar and Durotan in leading roles.

"Ultimately, both of these men are going to find themselves at this crux point of history and will be put to the test," Metzen explained. "Working with these two characters allowed us to tell this story in a much tighter way than we've been able to in the game. It's been a really rewarding experience."

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ea reduces Digital game prices for PS4

Electronic Arts has dropped the price of its digital PS4 games on the UK version of the PlayStation Store.

Remember how we were telling you some of EA's PS4 launch games like Battlefield 4, Need For Speed Rivals, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and NBA Live 14 - were priced at £62.99 on the console's digital marketplace.

EA has now brought the price down to be inline with other games, meaning each game now costs £59.99 instead. The same games are priced at £54.99 on Xbox One's digital marketplace.

The updated list of PS4 digital games prices is as follows:

PS4 error codes and fix list

Since the PS4 is coming out tonight at midnight we though we'd post An official list of PlayStation 4 error codes which was posted online, along with suggested ways of overcoming them.

While by no means comprehensive, Sony published the short list as a reference for the most "common errors" experienced on the new console.

Here's the full list:

Batman Arkham Origins Dlc coming in december

Warner Bros has provided new details about upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins DLC.

The latest edition of DC Comics' YouTube show DC All Access (which can be seen at the bottom of this article) offers the first look at Initiation, a new story-based DLC featuring ninjas.

Set for release in December, Initiation stars a young Bruce Wayne as he undergoes various trials in a monastery full of ninjas. It's described in the video by Warner Bros. Games vice president Ames Kirshen as "a new kind of challenge map pack that's got a little bit of a narrative to it".

Some PSN features to be switched off during EU launch

Sony's European devision will switch off two PS4 online features at launch in a bid to avoid PSN issues.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony states: "Following the successful launch of PS4 in North America on the 15th November, we have seen an unprecedented influx of players onto PSN.

"When we launch in Europe on Friday, once again, we are expecting record sales and record numbers of people logging onto PSN at similar times, alongside the North American players already on PSN."

In order to avoid slow speeds and network prob;ems, Sony will therefore be switching off the following features:
What's New - Discover and engage with all of your friends' PS4 related activity

Content Information Screen - See friends' activity and information specific to the title you are looking at

Both features will be back in a few days, "once the intensity of launch day calms down".

Sony reiterates that all other PSN features will be available on launch day, including online multiplayer, trophies, friend lists, video sharing and live broadcasting.

Monday, 25 November 2013

PS4 digital games pirces

This isnt a complete list as some other games have yet to be add to the store.

Of particular note are the EA titles, which are priced at £62.99. Their Xbox One equivalents cost £54.99. So that's rather worrying

Killzone Shadow Fall: 38.2GB - £52.99

Call of Duty: Ghosts: 31.8GB - £54.99

FIFA 14: 9.9GB - £62.99

Battlefield 4: 36.4GB - £62.99

Need for Speed Rivals 16GB - £62.99

Knack 34.8GB - £52.99

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag: 21.7GB - £57.99

Resogun: 460MB - £12.79 (Free with PS+)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: 6.4GB - £52.99

NBA Live 14: 9.3GB - £62.99

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition: 21.7GB - £52.99

Just Dance 2014: 22GB - £42.99

Contrast: 2.3GB - £12.79 (Free with PS+)

Super Motherload: 393MB - £11.99

Trine 2: Complete Story: 2.6GB - £14.49

Putty Squad: 818MB - £13.99

Madden NFL 25: 13.1GB - £62.99

Angry Birds Star Wars: 1.5GB - £32.99

Warframe 4.1GB - Free

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Terraria set for PS vita release

Good news for the PS Vita Terraria will release for the Vita next month,it was confirmed by the publisher 505 Games.

The Sony handheld is one of very few consoles left that the indie hit isnt on.

Publisher 505 Games confirmed the news with Eurogamer following the appearance of an advertisement in MCV, which specified a December 4 release in Europe.

The port follows news last month that a sequel to the hit indie title is in development.

Creator Andrew Spinks said developing Terraria 2 will allow him to make changes to the game that are impossible to patch into the original.

"There's a lot of stuff I'm locked into with Terraria," Spinks told RPS. "The way loot works, the way character progression works.

"In Terraria 2, I really want to have infinite worlds so you're not just stuck to one world. You can travel anywhere. I want more biome diversity in that, too. There's a lot of stuff [I want to add and change].

-Eric Higgins

Persona 5 confirmed

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! this is pretty big deal guys. Persona 5 has been confirmed for a Japanese release in the winter of 2014.

I dont know about a american/european release but hopefully it will come to our shores. also i dont which is a bigger deal that the game is coming out or that its coming to the PS3. thats a fair bit into the new gen cycle, so that bodes well for support of the ps3 since itll have such a strong game on it.

Keep on Gaming 
-Eric Higgins

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Playstation Home giving away Psone classics

A new PS4 area in PS3's PlayStation Home is gifting users a trio of PSone Classics.

Polygon reports that once users have entered the 'PlayStation 4 Experience' area of PS Home, you'll have to complete a short quest and win PS3 and Vita download codes for Twisted Metal, Warhawk and Destruction Derby.

The the whole thing accessible straight from Home's main hub and features an oversized Vita that players can interact with.

To receive the PSone Classics codes, players are required to embark on a ten minute "Quest for Greatness" involving a scavenger hunt for 13 hidden items.

Ultra street fighter ultra combos

Normally i would hate putting more than one video in a post but the people at capcom have shown the super's and ultras for the newer characters in Ultra street fighter 4.  so here they are enjoy:

Friday, 22 November 2013

Plants Vs Zombies Garden warfare Xbox release date confirmed.

Garden Warfare is a multiplayer-only action game due to launch "first" on Xbox platforms, priced at $39.99 / £34.99 on Xbox One and $29.99 / £24.99 on Xbox 360.

The game is set to have "more than" ten maps and three modes: two 12v12 competitive multiplayer called Garden & Graveyards and Team Vanquish, and a four-player co-operative mode called Garden Ops.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Some EU PSN passwords reset

Sony has reset the passwords of what they say is "a small number" of European PlayStation Network accounts just as a "precautionary measure".

In a post on the European PlayStation forums, an online support coordinator said there is "no specific evidence" that any user accounts have been compromised.

If you have been presented with an incorrect password message you simply select Forgotten Password and reset it," they advised. Another post state's the following:

Diablo 3 Reaper of souls closed beta to happen before the end of the year

Blizzard has announced  that Closed beta testing for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls will begin by the end of the year.

Diablo 3's first expansion pack is currently in what they are calling 'Friends and Family Beta,' limited to close acquaintances of Blizzard staff. However, the developer said members of the press and 3,000 of its most active players will also be invited to join before the closed beta begins.

If your on Battle.net and want to participate in the closed beta must indicate their interest by opting in under their Beta Profile Settings.

Blizzard has said invitations will be extremely limited, but those admitted will be able to experience the in-progress version Reaper of Souls in its entirety, minus the final battle.

Both the original game and its expansion will be included in Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4.

Steam to Sell Black Mesa

The fan-made Half-Life remake Black Mesa will be coming to Steam with a price tag in the near future.

An statement released on the Black Mesa website confirms that the rebuilt shooter could soon be available on Steam for "a relatively low price". The announcement coincides with the 15-year anniversary of Half-Life, which was originally released on November 19, 1998. Black Mesa was originally to be a free title.

"We never developed Black Mesa with money in mind," read a statement from the game's developer.

"Our team is made up of average, hard-working people, and no one joined the team to make money. For us, Black Mesa is purely a labour of love. We believe this philosophy has significantly contributed to the overall quality and feel of the game.

Fighter Within Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for the Kinect based fighting game. what do you say do you have enough space in your living room to no punch your friends?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tearaway launch trailer

Media molecules newest game just looks great. and the crazy part is that apparently you can make everything in the game yourself at home with paper. they are very clever people.

Xbox One clips can be downloaded and shared anywhere

Xbox One users will be able to download their gameplay video clips to their PC hard drive, Microsoft has confirmed, allowing for sharing in whichever way they see fit.

They will only support direct video sharing via Xbox Live.in a recent dashboard demo, Microsoft shows how a video clip can be uploaded to SkyDrive, Microsofts cloud storage service

Sky drive works like any loud service allowing you to download it whenever you want. this is good if you wanna show to friends on facebook or what have you.

The PS4 supports direct video uploads to Facebook, and live streaming via Twitch and Ustream, but does not allow users direct access to their video files. YouTube support on PS4 is expected in a later update.

Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday that the ability to instantly broadcast Xbox One gameplay viaTwitch.tv won't be available in time for the console's launch this week.

The company has said that it aims to deliver the functionality "during the first part of 2014".

The Xbox One release date is November 22. The Xbox One price has been set at £430 / €500 / $500.

GTA Online DLC released

Rockstar has released GTA Online's Beach Bum DLC as part of title update 1.06. PS3 players will be able to access the Beach Bum content by downloading the update, while Xbox 360 players will need to download it from the Xbox Games Store.

This free GTA Online DLC introduces new beach themed vehicles and fresh weaponry also use-able in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The new vehicles are the BF Bifta dune buggy, the Canis Kalahari off-road truck, the Bravado Paradise beach camper van and the Speeder speedboat. The latest tools of destruction are a SNS Pistol and a Broken Bottle melee weapon.

The update also brings a selection of new multiplayer Jobs, while fresh GTA Online character customisation options include board shorts, surfer attire, tribal tattoos and shaggy hair.

In mid-November, Rockstar teased plans to deliver "word on the forthcoming Content Creator, full on cooperative Heists, and GTA Online's take on Capture the Flag - plus info on some exciting new Story Mode updates" in the near future.

Keep on Gaming
-Eric Higgins

Ryse Son of Rome Launch trailer

Microsoft has released the Ryse: Son of Rome launch trailer. this xbox exclusive is one 23 Xbox One launch games, Ryse tells the story of Marius Titus, a young Roman soldier seeking to avenge the murder of his family at the hands of barbarian bandits. But as Marius ascends the ranks of Roman command, he realizes he must return from the battlefields of Europe to the heart of Rome to overcome an even more dangerous threat to the Empire.

Microsoft has said it plans to release four Ryse DLC packs for Gladiator, the title's co-operative multiplayer mode. Available at a discounted rate as part of a season pass, the game add-ons will contain a total of 14 multiplayer maps, a new mode, six player skins, fresh level events, and access to a new tier of weapons and armour.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Guardian creator sorry for the long delay

Fumito Ueda, the director and designer of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has apologised to fans for the lengthy delay in releasing The Last Guardian, the next game from Sony's Team Ico.

In an Edge interview talking about his career to date, Ueda was asked how the past eight years have been on him.

"Putting aside the short-term output, more than anything I feel terribly sorry that for various reasons I have kept my audience waiting for such a long time," he replied.

While Ueda has confirmed that he is indeed still working on The Last Guardian, he said most of his creative contribution to the title was completed some time ago, and suggested that Team Ico's pursuit of perfection has slowed development of the game.

"The original staff members on Ico and SOTC are just as fussy over details as I am," he explained. "I always want to create quickly, and I always want to increase the rate of production.

"In the case of The Last Guardian, my creative work was mostly finished a long time ago, but the details of when, where and how it will be completed are beyond my control."

The Last Guardian has not been shown publicly since 2010. Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said in October that the game was being re-engineered, fueling rumours that the long-delayed title will now ship on PS4 instead of PS3.

-Eric Higgins

Sony details PS4 game upgrade intsructions

Sony has been quite nice and given everyone instructions on how to upgrade select PS3 titles to their PS4 equivalents.

Owners of the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are able to upgrade to the digital PS4 versions for a heavily discounted price.

The upgrade offer applies to both disc-based and digital versions of the games in question. Players with the disc version will need to put the PS3 disc in the PS4 console in order to play the next-gen version of the game. The full instructions are as follows:

Disc-Based Step by Step Overview:

Step 1: Disc Only:
Step 1: Open an account on the PlayStation Network (or log in to PlayStation Network using your existing PlayStation Network ID account).
Step 2: Select the PlayStation Store icon on the PS3 system home screen.
Step 3: On PlayStation Store, select 'Redeem Codes' at the bottom of the menu.
Step 4: Enter the voucher code ("Code") exactly as it appears on the voucher.
Step 5: Once the Code has been entered correctly, select 'Continue' on the dialog box.
Step 6: Select 'Confirm' to accept the Terms of Service.
Step 7: Select 'Continue' to complete Code redemption.
Step 8: The Code redemption is now complete. The Code cannot be used again or associated with a different SEN account. Once you have your PS4 system, you can proceed with the next step.

Step 1: On your PS4 system, register the PS4 system with the SEN account through which you redeemed the Code.
Step 2: Select the PlayStation Store icon on the PS4 system home screen.
Step 3: Search for the name of the game on PlayStation Store and select 'Purchase' to download digital version of the same game to your PS4 system hard drive. The discounted price will be deducted from your network wallet according to the Terms of Service and User Agreement.
Step 4: Insert the PS3 game disc into your PS4 system.
(PS3 game disc required to play digital version of the game on your PS4 system)
Digital-Based Step by Step Overview:

Digital Only:
Step 1: Buy or pre-order the PS3 digital version of the game from PlayStation Store or Sony Entertainment Network Store.
Step 2: In PlayStation Store or Sony Entertainment Network Store, find the PS4 digital version of the game as soon as it becomes available. The special price will be available for accounts who purchased the PS3 Digital version of the game from the PlayStation Store.
Step 3: Buy or pre-order the PS4 digital version of the game at the special offer price. See Promotion Restrictions for Each Game.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Assassins Creed PS4 patch to increase resolution to 1080p

Ubisoft will release an update for the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag to increase its native resolution to 1080p. Out of the box, the game runs at a native resolution of 900p, admitted the firm, but patch due to be deployed "shortly after release" will up that output to full HD 1080p.

According to Ubisoft, you won't even notice. "If it [was] running at 720p vs 1080p, you're going to notice the difference, by far," said associate producer Sylvain Trottier. "But if it's set at a resolution that's very close, where most of the pixels are already there in internal processing, most people won't see any difference," he went on to suggest.

Ubisoft explains that it shipped the game running at 900p to ensure a 30 frames-per-second refresh rate at launch.

"Finishing the game at 900p gave the development team the extra room in terms of the GPU and CPU usage to ensure the framerate never dips below 30 frames per second," explained Ubi. "The team then used the time between the ship date and the release to focus on a title update that could deliver native 1080p resolution on the PS4."

The patch will also add "a brand-new anti-aliasing technique", which helps reduce the appearance of jagged edges on-screen.

Infamous Second Son release date

So now we have an official release date for second son thanks to this latest trailer 21st of march 2014 plus we get a look at another of Delsin's power's Neon.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

New European relase date for xbox one lego marvel super heroes

Warner Bros. has very nicely confirmed a new European release date for the Xbox One version of Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Originally planned as an Xbox One launch day release, they have decided that the game will now hit stores one week later."The game ships for Xbox One on November 22 in North America and is scheduled to be on store shelves in European territories beginning November 29," publisher Warner said in a statement issued to IGN.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes promises to "bring the characters, vehicles and action of Marvel's renowned universe to the world of Lego build-and-play adventure".

Keep on Gaming
-Eric Higgins

North American PSN problems

US and Canadian PlayStation Network users are experiencing trouble signing in due to the amount of new owners attempting to log on and download a day one update.

Some PS4, PS3 and Vita owners attempting to connect to PSN are being met with error codes E-80E80034 & NW-31453-6.

"The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume," Sony confirms, adding. "Some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting. We ask for your patience."

PS4's day one update, which takes the console to firmware 1.50, enables a list of major system features including online multiplayer, Remote Play, gameplay sharing, 'play as you download', party chat, Blu-ray and DVD playback, and second screen capabilities.

The PS4 release date is November 29 in Europe and Latin America.

Need for Speed Rivals launch trailer released

We get the launch trailer for the newest Need for Speed game not to long before its release. what do you say are you going to buy this with your next gen console of choice?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

LOLing about with Eric part 1

hey guys, i wanted to bring ye something new from us so i thought what better than to help others out with league of legends. You might think why league of legends? Well you see I've not been playing long i kinda wish i had thought of this earlier when was a lower level in the game and help ye not make the mistakes that i did. Anyway league of legends is an extremely popular multi-player online battle arena of MOBA for short.

In league of legends you are a summoner and you summon champions to fight on the fields of justice. Now i feel i show lay out some ground work so you can understand and catch up to where i am currently. You have the game and created a profile you can start straight away, but i wouldn't throw myself into playing just yet id read a little bit and start with playing the tutorial. im pretty sure it actually asks you if you want to play to tutorial once you have set up. This feature is really useful, you choose from one of three champions and basically teaches you how to play the game.

With basic's like how move your champion, how to attack, how to unlock your abilities and how to use your abilities. it teaches you that your champion Gains levels, gets stronger and can rank up abilities just like you would in a RPG really. Next after all this excitment you get battle tutorial which teaches you things like Lane's, minions, turrets, the jungle, inhibitors and the nexus. you see the basic and most played arena in this game is the summoners rift, which places you in 5 vs 5 battle with and against other players. The summoners rift has 3 lanes top, mid and bot all of which is self explanatory these lanes however have a jungle between them all. the jungle is home to neutral minion's, creatures that hold no allegiance to either side, you can kill these "camps" for XP, gold, and with the more powerfull ones like the Lizard Elder and Ancient Golem grant you buffs that aid you in battle and make you more powerful for a short time.

PS4 install to playing timed at under a minute

Well by this stage we probably all know that disc installs are mandatory when it comes to next gen, but hold your groan of exasperation. the ps4 will have you playing in no time.

Game installs of several gigabytes took tens of minutes on PS3, but the PS4 uses an install-while-you-play system which, according to early testing, reduces wait times to around 30 seconds.

the very lovely people over at Kotaku timed the installation processes of seven PS4 launch games, starting the clock upon disc insertion and stopping it when the PS4 allowed you to boot the game for play.

Surprisingly, the longest idle time recorded was 42 seconds for Ubisoft's Just Dance 2014. Assassin's Creed 4 fired up within just 13 seconds. As system architect Mark Cerny previously indicated, PS4 gets you in-game pretty quickly.

the site does note, these times don't represent complete installation - it takes several minutes for a full install, they represent the length of time the PS4 takes to do a partial install and let you into the game to start playing.

It also notes that some games have longer wait times for those who choose to go directly to multiplayer - presumably the early stages of the single-player campaign are given priority during installation.

Interestingly, the site observed that the PS4 begins installing game content automatically the moment a disc is inserted for the first time.

So we could be playing a game quicker than it takes to go get snacks or a drink sweet deal.

-Eric Higgins

Sony investigating pre launch hardware problems

Appearantly A number of early PS4 owners are reporting various display problems with their console.

At least four claims of broken consoles have been posted online, two from games websites and two competition winners. That seems small in reality but you dont want any problems on launch it could be bad.

Hardware issues are quit common however and are expected with new games systems, due to the unavoidable inefficiencies of new production yields.

There is not a clear indication, for now, that the first waves of PS4s will have as high a failure rate as the pre-launch versions. Kotaku notes that every other retail system it has tried has worked, and another Reddit user who won a PS4 reports that, after a few login issues, the console is operating as desired.

hopefully all will go well on launch day
-Eric Higgins

Steam update introduces background downloading

A new Steam update allows us all to download software during gameplay which i really to keep pace with the new gen of consoles.

Users now have the option to download and play games, meaning downloads won't be paused when accessing games using the client.

The new update will allow users to turn background downloading off too, if that's something you'd want.

Meanwhile, the update introduces the ability to choose what time of day automatic updates will occur.

The full update notes are as follows:

Add ability to limit what time of day Steam is allowed to automatically update apps
Add option to let other games download while a game is running (this is a per-game setting)
Add download regions for Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa in Canada
Add 'Copy all text to clipboard' context menu option in the System Information dialog.

New Zelda A link between worlds trailer

Nintendo has released a new The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds trailer.

The video shows off the Games StreetPass functionality and some of its new dungeons.

Players can customise their own Shadow Link character which can be stocked up with weapons and hearts. This can then be sent to other players via StreetPass.

When you receive another player's Shadow Link over StreetPass, you can battle them and earn rupees for defeating them.

The trailer also shows the return of a popular Zelda boss enemy. It appears near the end of the video if you want to avoid spoilers.

A sequel to the SNES classic A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds will release on November 22 in Europe. cant wait i fricken love A link to the past.

-Eric Higgins

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Post Launch Patch to allow MP3's

It seems there has been another change to make us customers happy by Sony as Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has said the firm will "eventually" add MP3, music CD and DLNA server support to PS4.

Yoshida told GiantBomb that Sony was "caught off guard" by the uproar sparked by the announcement that PS4 would not support such typically rudimentary media features at launch.

"The biggest surprise for us all internally at Sony was; there were so many people who passionately reacted to our announcement that there's no MP3 support and DLNA support on day one," said Yoshida.

Some suggested the lack of music playback features was part of a ruse at Sony to drive subscriptions of its cloud music service, Music Unlimited, but Yoshida insisted this "it's not like that."

"Like we've been saying, the focus has been always on the game features, and some of the features we wanted but we could get in on day one - game features - we were very disappointed," he said.

"We didn't really think about MP3 or DLNA. We always thought that we're going to do that eventually - we've been doing it with all the [PlayStation] products. So it caught us off guard. People don't really talk about these features but when we say we don't have it some people get really mad and [say], 'I cancelled the pre-order'."

Yoshida went on to confirm, "So as we speak, the teams in Japan and US - the systems guys - are discussing how and when we can put these features on PS4."

Keep on Gaming
-Eric Higgins

Assasin's Creed film given release date

i realize this Isn't technically gaming news but it is to do with a game and that is The Assassin's Creed film has been given a release date of August 7, 2015.

The launch date was listed in a 20th Century Fox press release detailing the company's 2015 release schedule, reports Ain't It Cool News.

The film will star Michael Fassbender, who has previously starred in X-Men: First Class, Prometheus and Inglourious Basterds.

It is not yet clear whether Fassbender will portray one of the game series' protagonists or play a new character entirely. all i know is it better be good.

Nintendo releases indie montage video

Well nintendo has some indies coming to the 3ds and wii u eshop so they decided to show them off a bit in this handy video enjoy :)

Eric Higgins

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Faster Than Light coming to ipad

FTL: Faster Than Light, the spaceship management sim, will release on iPad in early 2014.

In a post on the FTL website, the game's programmer Matthew Davis announced that an iPad version of the game is in development.

Davis also said that a free expansion for the original PC version, entitled FTL: Advanced Edition, will also be released in early 2014. so sweet deal for all.

According to the statement, the Advanced Edition will feature a number of new features, including:
"Mind Control System: Temporarily turn enemies into allies. Force a boarder to repair the damage they just did, or have the enemy pilot sabotage their own helm."

"Hacking System: Lockdown and disrupt enemy systems. Unique effects for each system, ranging from forcing a teleporter remove boarders to making the medbay damage instead of heal."

"New Sector and Events: Our writer Tom Jubert (http://tom-jubert.blogspot.co.uk/) has returned along with special guest writer Chris Avellone (of Planescape fame), who managed to find some time for us between his work on Project Eternity and Wasteland 2. They've been helping us add a new sector and scatter new events throughout the rest of the game."

"New Weapons and Effects: Many new weapons that take advantage of new mechanics: overcharging to increase the number of volleys, stun effects to freeze crew, and area effect targeting, to name a few."

"And more systems, drones, augments, enemy ships, enemy layouts, and hostile environments. All of which we'll be sure to talk about more in the coming weeks!"

The iPad version of FTL has been optimised for touch controls, and will also include all the new features added in the Advanced Edition.

Keep on Gaming 
-Eric Higgins

Music Unlimited Can be used with PS4 games

So there is a bit of good news in that by using Sony's music streaming service you can play music during games on the PS4, the company has confirmed.

Music Unlimited can work in the background on PS4 while a game is playing but According to information given to Polygon, users will need to turn off the game audio manually (when possible) in order to prevent clashing. an annoyance but isnt really too much of a hassle really.

we told you a bit before about PS4 not supporting CD or MP3 playback, though Music Unlimited is pre-installed on the system and can be accessed by paying as much as $10 (£10) per month.

Kirk insisted that there was no overall scheme to support Music Unlimited by making it the only viable player on PS4.

"I can see how people could see it as some kind of diabolical plot, but that's not how we roll," he said.

"Our brief here at Music Unlimited was to just make the best music app available for the PS4, and that's the extent of our knowledge of it."

Once Music Unlimited is active in the background, users can access controls at the press of a button. Developers can, however, disable the feature.

Keep on Gaming
-Eric Higgins

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea launch trailer

The launch trailer for the first episode of the burial at sea dlc for bioshock infinite just dropped and its suitably crazy for rapture. have fun

-Eric Higgins

Monday, 11 November 2013

Xbox One unlikely to have cloud based backwards compatability

Microsoft has said its unlikely to offer cloud-based backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, according to a Microsoft director.

While Sony has indicated it will use its Gaikai cloud service to stream older PlayStation games, senior director of product management and planning at Xbox Albert Penello says it's unlikely to happen on Xbox One

"It's really cool and really problematic, all at the same time, insofar as it's really super cool if you happen to have the world's most awesome internet connection. It works way better than you'd expect it to," Penello told Polygon.

"So managing quality of service, the tolerance people will have for it being crappy. Can you imagine, in this day and age, with the bad information around, and we can't control the quality of that experience and make sure it's good, or have to tell people they can't do it?"

While Microsoft is unlikely to introduce any such technology soon, Penello said the company will be watching how Sony's Gaikai service works.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

New World of Warcraft expansion revealed!

Ladies and gentlemen, a new year has come and gone and with it goes a Blizzcon, at which the fifth expansion for World of Warcraft has been revealed and announced. Warlords of Draenor tells the story about the soon to be imprisoned Garrosh Hellscream escaping from his confinement and travelling back in time (somehow) to the past of Draenor. His mission? To stop the Orcish clans from drinking the blood of Mannoroth and build up a new Iron Horde by supplying them with weapons and technology from the present day.

Now, to explain how Blizzard have shown this. Draenor is a brand new zone to accompany the new Level cap of 100. So Draenor is 10 levels of goodness across seven brand new zones, in which the player visits the homeworld of the Orcs. I very likely will be reinstalling this game to enjoy this new world... of Warcraft. Lame ass joke but had to say it.

To begin with, I’d like to explain that I quit from WoW back before Christmas ’12, but even this has me interested to at least check it out to see if there’s something redeeming about it. Possibly because of the lore, possibly because of the idea that so many things in the timeline could change easily depending on aspects that happen. So many possibilities! What if we kill Gul’dan and Illidan never obtains his skull to fight Mannoroth? What if Durotan is killed in battle and Thrall is never born? It leaves so many ideas open.

The notable Orc leaders that will be shown in-game for the first time or in a new way are: Durotan, Blackhand the Destroyer, Kargath Bladefist, Gul’dan, Ner’zhul, Kilrogg Deadeye, Orgrim Doomhammer and of course Grommash Hellscream. There could also be the possibilities of Broxigar Saurfang to make an appearance too. It is unknown yet on if any of them will be bosses ingame, but we shall see in time.

Along with the new content and the new zone, the players are allowed boost one of their characters to Level 90 for free with adequate gear to go with it. Not to mention that every single race (except the Pandaren and maybe the Worgen and Goblin) are getting full updates to bring the character models and animations to a better state. At launch the only known ones to be in effect will be Dwarf, Orc and Gnome and possibly the Forsaken. Personally I’m super happy for this as the male Human and Night Elf models are ugly as hell with ham-wrists, and hopefully the metrosexualness of the male Blood Elves gets toned down a little (and in time are given beards. Why you no give beards Blizz?)

For the first time ever Warcraft will introduce the player housing system. Not just a house, an entire garrison! You can have your very own Keep somewhere on Draenor all to yourself. This is a big thing for roleplayers like myself that hated party crashers that would walk in on RP, take off all their clothes and offer sexual services for five dolla. Can’t even go to Goldshire anymore without that being prominent. Finally we get away from morons like them, and can have our own slice of land we can call our own, and even invite up to 39 people into your Garrison. In it you can have profession trainers, a mine and all sorts of other things to make it much more worthwhile of an investment. Personally, this is definitely much better of an investment than any daily quests ever were. You even hire followers and have them do missions and your mining for you!

At launch Warlords of Draenor will come with seven dungeons, four of which you go through while levelling up and the last three while at max level. Every dungeon will come with a normal, heroic and challenger difficulty. There will also be two raids; Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry with 16 bosses in total. The raid difficulties are being altered in such a way that Flexible will become Normal, Normal will become Heroic and Heroic will become the brand new Mythic difficulty. This is my ideas of how it will be, I’m not 100% sure. Mythic however is restricted to 20 people in the raid format. New world bosses will emerge across Draenor, and Upper Blackrock Spire will be updated much like Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep were.

Ashran is the new World PVP zone. Not a big fan of PvP myself but this certainly has promise for those who will play it. Based, siege-engines and the sort along with capturing the flag. So, all the previous PvP world areas, just a new area.

Possibly a controversial thing they plan to introduce, but something they should have had since the previous expansion. Number and item squishing, so now numbers are more manageable. During Pandaria any character at any time could have around 400,000 health and could do 200,000 damage in a single hit. Now, their health will be closer to 30,000 and dealing around 2,000 damage. We’ll see more on this as the expansion draws closer.

For now though, thats about all the information I know of to share with you all. Personally this expansion has me interested as I’ve said before, and when I likely play it I’ll likely do a review or just talk a bit on it. We’ll see. For now, thanks for reading. Eoin out!

Eoin "Spudd" O’ Mahony

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blizzard Heroes of the storm gameplay

Blizzcon happened recently and plenty was said. but one of the more interesting parts for me was Heroes of the storm Blizzards moba game. it seems like the other moba's like dota 2 or LOL but their battlegrounds have extra things in them that could help you win the match. here is some game footage for you to see what its like.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Rambo The Game Trailer

So here's a trailer for the rambo game we apparently needed. I mean Really?.
There is definitely something off with it. ah well here it is anyway.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

[Game Review] Rain

It all starts with a rainy night, a boy who stayed home looks out his window to see a little girl, but she's not any old girl, she's see through almost ghostly, she's running through the streets follwed by an 'unknown' equally ghost like but far more menacing creature. The boy follows them through a giant set of doors. On the other side the boy loses his form like the girl and is left alone is this dark world. Alone in the RAIN.

I feel i should start this review by stating that I've literally no idea how to class this game genre wise. Some would say its a survival horror for reasons ill get to in a minute but i don't think so, closest i could manage is that its a puzzle-adventure game. That might seem quite broad but Rain doesn't really fit neatly into genres just like some other indie titles in recent years, Unfinished Swan or journey comes to mind for instance. Rain might not have the sheer beauty or artistry that these games have but it does have that something that can make game good.

You see you play as the boy who can only be seen in the rain, with shelter and indoor areas rendering him basically invisible for all but his foot steps. The boy wishes to find the girl, but she is constantly pursued by the unknown a ghostly figure that wishes to eliminate not just the girl but the boy as well. The unknown isn't the only creature to inhabit this world there are dog like creatures that will chase you on site, giant elephant creatures that are docile but will shelter you for easy stealth, and little things that are hard to describe but they will attack anything and kill it, both you and the other creatures, but the consistent evil to this game is the unknown and his unflinching hunt for you and the girl, that's where you could say its a horror survival in a loose kind of way, he does follow you, music shifts to a darker tone, the tension gradually builds while he keeps his pace as he chases you and let me tell you it does get tense. The unknown is not a character to be trifled with.

New Knack trailer shows CO-OP goodness

Sony has released two new Knack trailers showing off the game's co-op mode. one being this one. the other showing the co-op with the PS vita whch is pretty nifty.

Game director and PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny has said Sony designed the two player mode to help kids play the family friendly game.

Daniel Brooke, online producer at SCE WWS, elaborated in a post on the PS Blog: "A second player can drop in or drop out at any time, and controls Knack's shiny metallic helper called Robo Knack. Robo Knack has a move set somewhat similar to Knack's, but in addition Robo Knack can donate parts to Knack and heal him with a touch of the Triangle button.

"If you have a non-gamer, or a light gamer in the house, it's a great way to bring them into the world of Knack - just start the game on Easy and drop in from time to time to help them through the game. Plus, if you enjoyed the smack fests in LittleBigPlanet, you'll find some fun and laughs in smacking your on-screen partner when he or she least expects it."

Look like some good clean fun

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Sony reveals Entertainment apps that will launch wit PS4

Sony America has announced the line-up of digital entertainment apps that will be available on PS4 at launch next week and frankly I'm somewhat jealous.

"PlayStation is deeply committed to providing the most immersive gaming and entertainment experiences to gamers," said Phil Rosenberg, senior vice president of business development and publisher relations at SCEA.

"The PS4 is the most powerful gaming system ever created, which enables us, along with our partners to add amazing entertainment options to the platform that we know PlayStation fans are going to love."
PS4 apps available on November 15 include:
Amazon Instant Video- Amazon Instant Video offers two great ways to watch movies and TV shows instantly, anywhere. Buy or rent from a selection of more than 150,000 titles or subscribe to Prime Instant Video and get unlimited streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes.

There is more so prepare to read:

SimCity cities of tomorrow trailer


Its a trailer for cities of tomorrow, a quick glimpse into the future with Sim City
"With SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, players can build the future as they imagine it. Transport your Sims on MagLev, power your cities with fusion reactors or tidal wave generators, manufacture a legion of drones to serve your Sims and build massive MegaTowers that dwarf modern skyscrapers," detailed Maxis Emeryville GM Patrick Buechner.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Microsoft people some free Killer Instinct

Microsoft is giving the full version of Killer Instinct to "dedicated" Xbox fans free of charge. Those lucky people.

so basically Xbox owners across various regions have received the gift via e-mail. Microsoft has confirmed the promotion is legitimate and said that it targets users with a variety of criteria including Gamerscore and Xbox Live tenure.

Some lucky Xbox users have even been given an Xbox One console for free!

The email reads: "You're a fan of us and we're a fan of yours. Thank you for your dedication to Xbox. We want to show you our appreciation so we're giving you Killer Instinct.

"We've unlocked all characters so you can hit the ground running. Watch your inbox on 22 November for instructions on how to claim your free gift."

Killer Instinct is a reboot of Rare's classic fighting game. It will release for Xbox One at launch (November 22) and will be free-to-play with only a single playable character of course - Jago.

it then comes in packs if you want  starting with A 'Combo Breaker pack' will include the first eight characters (the six launch characters, plus the two next characters before their official post-launch release) for $19.99 / £16.99 / €19.99.

Alternatively, the Ultra Edition ($39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99) is described by Microsoft as "the best value for Killer Instinct fans". As well as the same eight characters from the Combo Breaker pack, it will include character accessory packs, character costumes and the original "Killer Instinct" arcade game.

A new trailer released last week revealed Orchid and Spinal as the latest confirmed characters.

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Brand new Tearaway trailer

Sony has released a new trailer for upcoming Vita exclusive Tearaway.

Graphics programmer Mark Zarb-Adami says of Media Molecule's Little Big Planet follow-up: "Technically, everything in the game can be made out of a single sheet of paper that's folded up."

The whole thing just looks wonderfull.

In July, Sony delayed the Tearaway release date from October 22 to November 22.

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Free ad supported Xbox music streaming

Microsoft's head of product planning for Xbox One Albert Penello , has confirmed that Xbox Music will be a free ad-supported service on the Xbox one.

Already available on Xbox 360, Windows Mobile, Windows 8 and RT devices, and most recently iOS and Android devices, the year-old music streaming service houses some 30 million tracks.

According to The Verge, an Xbox Live Gold subscription will still be required to access the music app on Xbox One.

Microsoft has confirmed a Xbox One release date of November 22, 2013. The European PS4 release date is November 29.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Someone built a shiny finding machine

Someone much smarter than me has built a machine to find shiny pokemon.

The video above shows the handiwork of dekuNukem, who built what they call a 'hands free shiny finder.' The machine will go into a Pokémon encounter on its own via a microcontroller hooked up to the 3DS.

Here's where the machine gets particularly brilliant: it turns out that the easiest way to tell if you're in a shiny encounter is to look at the bottom screen. Shiny Pokémon have special animations appearantly, which means that at the start of the battle, it takes longer for the bottom screen to load. So what the machine does is, it uses a light sensor to measure how long the bottom screen is blacked out for in an encounter. If its blacked out for long enough, the machine will sound an alarm, and the user can come over and try to catch the Pokémon. If it's not a shiny encounter, it'll simply run away and then will find another encounter. Eventually, though, it'll find a shiny—it might take a while, but hey, the player doesn't actually have to be present for the boring parts.

How crazy is that?

-Eric Higgins

Blizzard trademarks Warlords of Draenor

It seems Blizzard has filed a trademark application for 'Warlords of Draenor' in New Zealand and Australia.

This happened just before seventh BlizzCon convention, which takes place this Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9 in Anaheim, California.

The trademark filing references online computer games, computer game software and discs, game DLC, and electronic game software for use on portable devices such as mobiles, laptops, handheld computers and tablets.

MMO Champion also points out that warlordsofdraenor.com was registered a month ago.

According to WoW Wikia: "Draenor was the homeworld of the orcish race and the last refuge of the draenei before their arrival on Azeroth. When the orc shaman Ner'zhul recklessly opened dimensional portals to find new worlds to conquer, Draenor was torn apart and believed completely lost. However, a large fragment of the world remained intact. That fragment is known today as Outland."

I can only assume its to do with World of Warcraft. a possible expansion maybe?

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Vin Diesel and Gerard Butler in Kane and Lynch movie talks

Apearantly Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel are the latest stars to be linked with the Kane & Lynch movie. i barely knew there was a film happening

The Hollywood Reporter says Gerard Butler is in talks to play Kane, the 'straight man' of the duo.

Meanwhile, studio Millennium Films is reported to have "an offer out to Vin Diesel to play Lynch", Kane's schizophrenic partner.

Felix Gary Gray is already is set to direct the film. His previous directing credits include Friday, The Italian Job and Be Cool.

The screenplay, meanwhile, is written by Skip Woods (Hitman, The A-Team, A Good Day To Die Hard) and Kyle Ward (Machete Kills).

The movie rights to Kane & Lynch were originally secured by Lionsgate in 2007, with Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh (producer on the Spy Hunter movie) taking on producer roles on the film.

Bruce Willis was previously lined up to star as Kane, with Jamie Foxx tipped to play Lynch.

Originally slated for a release in 2011, the film has seen numerous rewrites and directorial changes over the years. which is nothing new for game movies really, we may eventually see this film. Maybe.

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Monday, 4 November 2013

God of war director leaves studio

It seems like God of War: Ascension game director Todd Papy has left Sony Santa Monica.

Papy made the announcement via Twitter over the weekend, confirming that Friday, November 1 was his last day at the studio.

"I haven't quit games," said Papy. He did, however, reveal his plan to move to Germany.

"We decided to move to Germany," he said. "We want to experience a different culture & all the wonderful things that Europe has to offer."

Papy has worked on the God of War franchise stretching back to the first entry in the series released in 2005.

Sony Santa Monica recently saw the return of God of War 2 writer and director Corey Barlog six years after the developer left the studio.

The director has confirmed work on a "huge" mystery new project at the studio, for which he is "putting together a team", but held off revealing specifics on the game.

Mincraft to introduce twitch streaming

Good news streamers Minecraft will soon offer direct streaming via Twitch for PC and Mac.

Speaking at Minecon 2013 at the weekend, Twitch Marketing Vice President Matthew DiPietro confirmed the functionality will be introduced 'soon'.

"Minecraft has struck a very powerful chord with the Twitch community," DiPietro said.

"Its constantly escalating popularity illustrates that people love to watch video games outside of the headline grabbing eSports titles. Expect a watershed moment for both players and spectators once the ability to easily broadcast gameplay directly to Twitch goes live."

This means Twitch streaming will be available to Minecraft across several non-mobile platforms, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offering built-in Twitch compatibility.

Minecraft will be available for PS4 at launch. It's a 'launch window' title for Xbox One.

Wildstar Winter beta coming soon

If you like the look of wildstar and would like to try the sci-fi wild western world of WildStar, you should go sign up for beta as soon as possible. Developer Carbine Studios announced this week that the MMORPG's winter beta, its biggest public test yet, in the near future.

Carbine will begin sending surveys to all beta applicants over the next few weeks. You can find the application page here: https://secure.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/playncCreateWs.pl?language=en

The final two classes for the subscription-based MMORPG will also be revealed in coming weeks, and the developers are planning several livestreams of WildStar in action in the meantime.

WildStar is scheduled for full release on PC in spring 2014

Friday, 1 November 2013

South park stick of truth Gameplay trailer

Look guys more gameplay footage for the southpark RPG.

Its looking great its a shame it got delayed till 2014 but as long as it comes out ill be happy. Cant wait to play it.

-Eric Higgins

Ubisoft Drops online passes

Good news another studio Ubisoft is done with online passes. The publisher announced in a post on the UbiBlog today that Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will be the last game to implement online pass system

Also, all Black Flag owners--whether they purchased new or used--are entitled to a free Uplay Passport download from their online store of choice, enabling access to the game's multiplayer, social elements, and companion app. Those who already purchased a pass should contact Ubisoft support.

"The Uplay Passport program was initiated as a means of giving customers full access and support for online multiplayer and features, along with exclusive content, bonuses and rewards," the blog post states.

"However, games today are blurring the line between offline and online, between what is 'single player' and what is 'multiplayer.' Based on that and on the feedback we received from you, we recognized that Passport is no longer the best approach for ensuring that all our customers have the best possible experience with all facets of our games."

Maybe this trend will continue itll be good news for a lot of gamers

Microsoft details kinect information use

So microsoft has detailed some info on what data they are collecting to eas your security fears. The Xbox One Kinect sensor identifies users by measuring the arrangement and length of certain facial features and calculating that into a number.

Microsoft explained that this unique number - even if it is passed onto government officials - could not be retroactively used to build an image of the user's face.

With this clarification, Microsoft is promising that it is not technically possible for security agencies and state officials to access images of players.

The company also clarified that, while game software can read player expressions and respond accordingly, that data is not sent to Microsoft.

Microsoft has come under significant scrutiny regarding its privacy policies. In July it was discovered that the corporation supplied email and Skype details to the NSA. Microsoft said it was legally bound to not discuss the matter openly.

Doubts and suspicions over Microsoft's handling of personal data has not abated. Late in September, a former Microsoft privacy adviser said he no longer trusts the company after reading about the NSA mass-surveillance operation.

Days later it was revealed that Microsoft handed over the personal information of more than a thousand customers to Australian government agents in the first half of 2013.

In response, Microsoft has launched a privacy policy disclosure web page, detailing its rules and limitations.