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Monday, 30 September 2013

Pokemon X and Y Information

Hey folks and folkettes, Spudd here! With less than two weeks left to go with Pokemon X and Y, the sixth Generation of Pokemon finally about to be unleashed to the world, I have compiled a list of new information for you to digest here that had been revealed in the last month or so!

New Pokemon:
  • Quilladin – Chespin’s evolved form and remains pure Grass type. Is a larger, rounder Pokemon but gains access to the move Rollout. From its name, Quilladin may evolve into a Warrior/Paladin Pokemon to fit the RPG archetype of the starters that has been rumoured.
  • Braixen – Fennekin’s evolved form and remains pure Fire type. It now stands on two legs and has a larger tail with a stick protruding from the top making it look like a broom. It also fights with the stick like a wand, and learns Psyshock. Braixen may evolve into a Witch/Mage Pokemon to fit the RPG archetype of the starters that has been rumoured.
  • Frogadier – Froakie’s evolved form and remains pure water type. Its body becomes longer and sleeker, grows darker in color and the bubbles grow larger into a scarf shape. Learns the move Bounce. Frogadier may evolve into a Thief/Ninja Pokemon to fit the RPG archetype of the starters that has been rumoured.
  • Meowstic – A small Psychic-type cat Pokemon that differs in appearance based on gender, and has different movesets to follow. The male Meowstic is more of a supporter, while the female is more of an attacker.
  • Furfrou – A poodle Pokemon that can be customized to have differing appearances, and is a Normal type. It will know the new Ability Fur Coat which halves any physical damage it takes, essentially nullifying its one and only weakness, Fighting.
  • Tyrunt – A rock/dragon fossil Pokemon that is a baby T-rex. It knows the Ability Strong Jaw which ups the damage from biting moves.
  • Tyrantrum – Tyrunt’s evolved form and a fully fledged Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Amaura – A rock/ice fossil Pokemon that appears to be a Brachiosaurus, but not too sure myself. It knows the Ability Freeze Body which turns all Normal moves it uses into Ice type moves.
  • Aurorus – Amaura’s evolved form and becomes a much larger Brachio, and will learn the move Freeze Dry which has a chance to freeze and is super effective against Water types.
  • Doublade – Honedge’s evolved form, turning into two swords like a Coat of Arms. Will learn the move Sacred Sword, known only by the Muskedeers currently.

New Mega Evolutions:
  • Mega Venusaur – Grows larger and heavier and learns the ability Thick Fat, which will remove its weakness to Fire and Ice type moves.
  • Mega Charizard – Turns into more of a draconic Pokemon though remains fire/flying, though has increased special attack and learns the ability Drought, which ups the damage from fire type moves.
  • Mega Blastoise – Its shoulder cannons move to its arms and gains a massive tank like barrel on its back. Learns the Ability Mega Blaster, which ups the damage from Pulse moves.
  • Mega Garchomp – Becomes much more jagged and fierce in appearance, and replaces its arm fins for axes. Ups attack and special attack and loses speed. Learns the Ability Sand Force which ups the power of Ground, Rock and Steel moves in a Sandstorm.
  • Mega Mewtwo X – Becomes slightly more bulky and its legs grow longer, as it becomes psychic/fighting.

Extra details:
  • EXP Share now more like the EXP share from Red, Blue and Yellow. It allows the lead Pokemon in the party to receive 100% of experience in battle, and all 5 other party members gain 50% of the experience.
  • Catching Pokemon in the wild now yields experience points, giving more reason to catch wild Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Centres will now house the trainer customization station, where players can customize the look of their trainers with new hairstyles, hats and clothes.

Now, mind you any additional information will not be shown in the next two weeks as I am personally keeping myself away from videos of new Pokemon and from the Pokemon Reddit, so that I have the starter Evolutions are a surprise for me as well as the likely 70+ Pokemon that have yet to be revealed, as well as other Mega Evolutions.

For now, peace out and I’ll see you guys on the Podcast when we get back and rolling after Eric and his wife are finishing their house move.

Eoin "Spudd" O' Mahony

Monday, 23 September 2013

CGP Episode 11: Everyone loves futurama

On this weeks episode we talk about the pope (yes you read that right), the fact that Atlus's parent company was bought by sega, we talk about the unfortunate death Hiroshi Yamauchi and we talk at length about league of legends.

Monday, 16 September 2013

CGP Episode 10: Return of adrian

On this episode smig has returned to us from his travels and we talk about how much people want a new mega man game, that league of legends can sell out a stadium, we hear the most genuine apology ever and we talk about a fair bit of pokemon news.

Extra info

Recently the creator of mega man created a kick starter for a game he is making and its bacicly mega man but without the mega man name its called mighty number 9. he blew past his goals almost immediately proving to everyone just how much the fans want a mega man game.

League of legends season 3 tournament has kicked off and its shown just how popular the game has become by selling out the staples centre for the finals of the tournament. the producer of final fantasy 14 has apologies for server problems people have experienced and finally there has been a lot of pokemon news, eoin helps us try to understand it all.

Dont forget to leave your opinions where you want (facebook, twitter, this site) and will include it in the next episode.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

CGP Episode 9: Jargon busting

In this episode we get down to telling you all about the various intricacies gaming. we talk gaming acronyms, terms and various things that occur in games. such as water levels, lag and what ping means. its an episode for those who have forgotten and for those who are just starting to game.

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