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Monday, 18 August 2014

The end is nigh

Hey all its Eric here, firstly sorry for the dramatic title but don't worry i shall explain.

We have been quiet a long time here with only the brief barrage of E3 to hold ye all over, this is because real life has been in the way a bit, the podcast had died out due to scheduling issues like me becoming a dad and Spud getting a job so its been hard for us to meet up. I said the end is nigh, and in a way it is, its the end of the cork gaming podcast, but not completely the end.

I have been working behind the scenes to upgrade the site and to try and get the podcast on the road again, i solved a recording issue and we will now be able to do the podcast again maybe less frequently but we will be doing what started all this craziness, in regards to upgrading the site.... well thats the sad part we will be upgrading to a full sit ourselves but its going to have a new name and a new home.

I have noticed even though we have not been active there has been some small traffic to this site and that's amazingly encouraging as some of the traffic i could have barely hoped for at the start. So im hoping that you will once again join this crazy crew on a slightly new adventure and we will do our best to we can to bring you cool stuff and have fun with games, be well, keep gaming and we will see you on the other side.

Coming soon: xprequired