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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Some PSN features to be switched off during EU launch

Sony's European devision will switch off two PS4 online features at launch in a bid to avoid PSN issues.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony states: "Following the successful launch of PS4 in North America on the 15th November, we have seen an unprecedented influx of players onto PSN.

"When we launch in Europe on Friday, once again, we are expecting record sales and record numbers of people logging onto PSN at similar times, alongside the North American players already on PSN."

In order to avoid slow speeds and network prob;ems, Sony will therefore be switching off the following features:
What's New - Discover and engage with all of your friends' PS4 related activity

Content Information Screen - See friends' activity and information specific to the title you are looking at

Both features will be back in a few days, "once the intensity of launch day calms down".

Sony reiterates that all other PSN features will be available on launch day, including online multiplayer, trophies, friend lists, video sharing and live broadcasting.