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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fez 2 is cancelled.... for now?

Development of Fez 2 has ceased, well at least that's what its creator Phil Fish says, who has also said that he plans to quit the games business for good after growing disillusioned with certain sections of the industry. It all began with the latest episode of Invisible Walls, a Game Trailers podcast, featuring a lengthy rant from Marcus Beer, a longtime member of the industry now commentating under the named “Annoyed Gamer.”

The podcast was talking about the recent turn around regarding Xbox One self-publishing, and how both Fish and Braid designer Jonathan Blow used Twitter to criticize the press for running towards both of them for quotes about what was, then, still a rumor coming from Game Informer about the news.

After the long rant by the journalist fish caught wind of it and began a tirade of his own on twitter which led to a back and forth between the two which eventually led to fish saying the game was cancelled. while some say this was a knee jerk reaction he has confirmed it to many other journalists and his official web site.

Some would say fish was asking for it as he is known for being very vocal on certain matter's such as Japanese games for instance, others say that beer went to far that opinion is always welcome but when you rant like that with malice its out of order, with the likes of cliff bleszinski coming to his side and asking him to change his mind.

while i feel it may have been uncalled for fish needs to learn to hold his tongue a little or learn to not let the haters get to him so much. Let the games you make shut em up. alas we now have to cope without a great game, i think its only for a short time. i believe that when he calms down Phil will to the world of games, he loves them to much just by judging how passionately he chooses to speak about them, or maybe he has learned his lesson and is now going to quietly work on the sequel without letting the industry influence him, either way i sincerely hope he will return, come back to us you brilliant loud mouthed man, we want to play your games.