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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

December 2013 Nintendo Direct

Well, Nintendo Direct just concluded with it and once again graced by Satoru Iwata who announced new games and things coming for future Nintendo titles and DLC! Here are the main highlights that I feel need to be mentioned. 

The team behind Dynasty Warriors will be working closely with Nintendo to create a Dynasty Warriors style game using the Legend of Zelda characters. Link was displayed slashing around and destroying armies of enemies and using special moves, before the placeholder name of Hyrule Warriors was revealed. Certainly going to be a Wii U seller.

A Yoshi's Island game is in development for the 3DS titled Yoshi's New Island and is being created with help by the man who helped in creating the original Yoshi's Island.

Cranky Kong got reannounced for Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, along with the announcement of special moves that turn enemies on screen into items.

New information on the Pokemon Bank and PokeTransfer features include that for people that get the feature during a special time period (likely during the time to get a free month) you will also be gifted a free Celebi. This is something I'm happy for being the Pokefan I am, and getting one of rarest Pokemon ever.

The Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright game got a European release date of March 28th 2014.

Luigi gets his own new game again! This time being Dr. Luigi. It's a similar game type to Dr. Mario, but it uses L shaped pills instead to add more strategy and difficulty for both single and multiplayer.

NES Remix is a downloadable 'game' on the Wii U which takes 16 popular pieces of gameplay from 16 games from the NES era and adds new twists. Link trying to rescue the princess while jumping over DK's barrels? How about Super Mario Bros in a mirror mode? Certainly a cool idea indeed.

And finally, Princess Rosalina from Mario Galaxy has been confirmed to be joining the rosters of both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS!

This was Eoin bringing you new updates, I'm out!