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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

No Mans Sky opene exploration detailed

No Man's Sky was a surprise announcement that came from last weekend's VGX event. it looked great but we didnt have info.

now we do however thanks to developer Hello Games who unveiled new gameplay information in recent preview events with press.

The game puts us at the outskirts of the universe with a mission, journey towards its center. This, however, is a task that requires "intelligence, imagination and co-operation," Hello Games' Sean Murray told Polygon.

Players are free to explore space in search of new worlds. Stars and planets are created procedurally as they are discovered, with unique environments and complete ecosystems to match them. It's a persistent online world, so once discovered, these locations become available to others. "The act of discovery is also an act of creation," explains the report.

Players will be able to make "significant changes" to locations - changes which will remain for other players when they get there

The game is not all exploration. The trailer showed some space battles, and Murray has confirmed land-based combat.

While specific platforms are yet to be confirmed, Murray says Hello Games aims to push the capabilities of "the new consoles" with "next-gen gameplay", and not just pretty visuals.