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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Playstation Now Beta Invites sent out

Sony Computer Entertainment has reportedly begun sending invites for its North American PlayStation Now closed beta test.

Unveiled at CES in January, the PlayStation Now service will allow users to stream supported PS3 titles such as The Last of Us and Beyond to tablets, Bravia TVs, Vitas and PS4s.

People can either rent a game to stream individually, or pay for full library access via a subscription fee. Multiplayer, and other network services such as trophies, will also be included. sounds good really doesn't it

According to an invite email obtained by IGN, the beta includes "exclusive access to test PlayStation's game streaming service before its full launch and the opportunity to provide your regular feedback to the PlayStation Now team."

Sony recommends a wired internet connection and "a 5Mbps or higher speed broadband connection" in order to participate.

The beta test is currently for North American residents only.

Officially, Sony has said the service will launch during summer 2014 in North America.

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