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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Saint row 4 gets new DLC

Volition has released new Saints Row 4 DLC titled the Stone Age pack.

Featuring two new weapons a club and a bone, male and female caveman outfits and a "Flintstones like car" made out of stone and wood, The Stone Age Pack is available to download now.

The product description describes the items as "100% historically accurate", though they might be taking liberties a little there.

The DLC is the latest in a long line of regular game add-ons released by Volition. Last week the studio launched the Anime Pack, which added gravity-defying hair, anime-style costumes and massive swords to the game.

Late last year, How The Saints Saved Christmas DLC was released, offering a new set of Christmas-themed missions. After that came the Element of Destruction Pack which gave players new super powers.

Its good to see a company actually supporting the game after release