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Monday, 3 February 2014

EverQuest Next Alpha launched

Sony Online Entertainment has launched Alpha version of EverQuest Next Landmark

The Alpha test is of course open to "only the most dedicated players", which in this means those who have purchased a Founder's Pack at the Explorer or Trailblazer level.

Those involved will be given the chance to get to try EQN Landmark's user-generated landscape creation tools, and provide feedback to the developer to help shape the final game.

"The comments, suggestions, and feedback of this dedicated group will have a significant influence on all elements of the game's development, from system design and building progression to character abilities and itemization," reads the announcement.

EverQuest director of development Dave Georgeson said in a prepared statement, "This is the earliest point in the development process that we've ever let players into a game. We are empowering these players to do much more than test the game for bugs. For the first time, our players can join alongside us as part of the development team. They will have a significant voice in how the final game takes shape."

EverQuest Next Landmark is a precursor spin-off title to SOE's next iteration of its long-running MMO, EverQuest Next, which were announced together in August 2013.

Landmark is free-to-play that "will combine the powerful and intuitive building tools SOE is using to create the fully destructible world of EQN with all of the social functionality expected from a modern MMO".

"In EverQuest Next Landmark, players are invited into a vast online world to explore unique continents, to use powerful building tools to bring their dreams to life, and to adventure with close friends and allies into undiscovered territory," describes SOE.