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Monday, 10 February 2014

Project Spark beta coming soon

Phil Spencer, the executive in charge of Microsoft Studios, has hinted that the beta for Xbox One game Project Spark will be available next week.

Responding to a question on Twitter asking whether the beta would be available, Spencer said "next week" was the latest indication he'd been given.

Spencer then forwarded the question to the Twitter account of Michael Saxs Persson, the executive producer at Project Spark developer Team Dakota, to provide further clarification, attaching a "#whistlesinnocently" hashtag.

While Persson didn't provide a specific date, he said the team was hard at work on "fighting through bugs" and that the launch was "close though".

In January, members of the Team Dakota development team said it hopes to launch the Project Spark beta on Xbox One in February, however, the cautioned that it could slip to March depending on how many roadblocks the team encounters.

Project Spark offers "an infinite number of ways to play build and share", according to Microsoft. The software enables users to sculpt their own worlds and create play structures within.

Project Spark, which is also set for release on Xbox 360, will be a free download supported by in-game purchases "that will enhance the creative gameplay experience". Content purchased or created on PC will also be available to use in the Xbox One version, Examiner reports.