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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Infamous second son first DLC coming in august

Sony has announced new DLC for Sucker Punch's InFamous Second Son.

However, players don't need to own Second Son in order to play it.

Titled, InFamous: First Light, the new content will star Abigail "Fetch" Walker, a conduit the player encounters as Delsin Rowe during the main story campaign.

According to Jason Connell, one of the creative leads at Sucker Punch, Fetch's story is "not an easy one to tell".

"There is heartache, drug abuse and abandonment," he said. "Playing as Fetch, you'll experience the events that transform her into the conduit you met in Second Son. You will get to see her cope with life in Curdun Cay (the high alpine prison) after being captured by the DUP, and experience what happens when her brother Brent goes missing - and how far she will go to find him."

First Light will feature new environments, including Curdun Cay and the snowy, mountainous area around it. Players will also return to Seattle except see the city "through the lens of Fetch's neon colored glasses". Naturally, Fetch also has her own brand of neon powers.

"We've continued to use these tools to not only develop Fetch more as a character but also to bring you to new environments as well," explained Connell. "And for those with a photographer's eye, I'm pleased to confirm that Photo Mode is included in First Light. "

InFamous: First Light will be available in August, and will be released digitally through the PlayStation Store and as a standalone game.